On August 4, 1914 the German army invades Belgium.
After a couple of weeks of heavy fighting in Liège, Namur and along the River Gete the Belgian army can no longer contain the enemy and is forced to retreat to the Antwerp fortified position, passing largely through Flemish Brabant in doing so. The soldiers are exhausted but not beaten.

From August 12 till 17, 2014 we wish to re-enact this period. A column of soldiers on foot, on bikes or on horseback, carriages and field kitchens will retrace the route from the Halen battle-field to the martyr town of Dendermonde. The commemoration will in that way recall our common history.

The retreat 1914-2014
Historic evocation of the retreat of the Belgian army in  1914
De Patrouilleurs
Levende geschiedenis